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This tour pro's new wedge stamp is the most self-deprecating thing we've ever seen

Spend enough time on golf gambling Twitter and there’s one name you’re bound to see get dragged through the mud quite often: Byeong Hun An. No player is more maddening to bet on, or to roster in your daily fantasy lineups.

Why Ben An? Isn’t everybody frustrating to bet on in golf, a sport where hitting outright winners is rare at best and impossible at worst? Well, An’s statistics would lead you to believe he is a top 10 player in the world, yet he wins the same amount as players ranked outside the top 100. He’s an elite player tee-to-green, and his short game ranks among the best players in the sport (10th strokes-gained: around-the-green this season).

But, the thing holding him back is the club that holds a lot of guys back - the putter. An ranks 210th… 210th (!!) in strokes-gained: putting. That’s 210th of of 220, mind you. It’s horrific.

Fortunately, An is a very good sport about it. He gets a ton of smack talk on Twitter, much of it playful but, of course, some of it very nasty, as it is still Twitter. But An handles it with both class and humor. Case in point, his new wedge stamp, which is the most self-deprecating wedge stamp we’ve ever seen:

Like we said, he’s a very good sport. For those wondering where this hilarious line came from, you may have missed this catchy tune from Sam Harrop, who first became Twitter famous for his A+ song parody about Tony Finau. As good as that was, we’re not sure he’s ever topping “Benny An,” played to the tune of “Penny Lane” by the Beatles:

Seriously, the phrase "(insert person) is never topping that!" gets thrown around a lot, but how on earth is Sam going to top this? The lyrics were a 10 out of 10, the singing a 10 out of 10, and the main subject, Benny An, is a 10 out of 10 human. The chorus was so good, An simply had to stamp it on a damn wedge that he might put in play at Muirfield Village. There really is no way he can come up with a better song, but we'd love to see him prove us wrong.