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This toddler might have the best Drive-By Dunk Challenge yet

Following in the esteemed footsteps of ding dong ditch, prank calls, and toilet-papering houses, the Drive-By Dunk Challenge—in which under-occupied teenagers drive around and film themselves dunking on random driveway hoops—is officially the hottest Twitter trend since the ice bucket challenge. But while the majority of the retweets and fire emojis have been directed at a small group of rubber-band-legged AAU ringers like…


…the Drive-By Dunk Challenge’s true viral star can’t even drive (or jump) yet. That’s right. Meet Ty Welch and his son, who figured they’d get in on the act without even having to leaving the rec room. Check it out.

DBDC purists might tell you this doesn’t count because it’s not technically on someone else’s hoop, but the kid is a toddler and doesn’t need to start recklessly trespassing for at least another decade. Until then, let’s just enjoy the simple innocence of a toy car, a two-foot hoop, and a face-melting dunk.