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This Tiger Woods-inspired tattoo is a freaking work of art

April 24, 2023

So you call yourself a Tiger Woods fan, huh? Have you watched ever final round of his 15 major wins? That's nice. Do you collect tickets from tournaments he's won like Darren Rovell? That's neat. Do you dress up in a Tiger costume in events he plays? That's cute (and kinda creepy). Regardless, this dude has you beat.

We're not sure who this guy is, but we can safely say he has the most amazing tattoo of Tiger Woods we've ever seen. See for yourself what reddit user Potential_Aardvark35 posted on Sunday and that caught the attention of our friends at The Caddie Network (and created by Jared Bent):

What a freaking work of art. That's an absolute masterpiece.

There are so many layers to it, from the famed Presidents Cup pose to the Sunday red mock to a cartoon goat/GOAT to the Nike golf ball hanging on the lip before dropping from Tiger's famed chip-in at the 2005 Masters. And there are the face tattoos—on the tattoo. How meta!

Is it a little weird? Sure, but isn't art—especially modern art—supposed to be weird? And maybe each link of that gold chain symbolizes one of Tiger's wins. Again, it's ART so we can interpret it however we want. Those are the rules.

Anyway, the main point is that anyone getting that much ink permanently put on their body in honor of Tiger Woods, is a Hall-of-Fame-level Tiger fan. We can only imagine what work he'll have done if the injured Woods comes back to win another major. So from us—and whoever this guy is—get well soon, GOAT.