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This quote from former All Star Julio Franco is one of the most legendary things you’ll ever read

Over the weekend, a video of former MLB All Star Julio Franco taking some swings in a batting cage went viral, eclipsing 1.1 million views on Twitter. What was so incredible about it, other than the fact the 61-year-old (who might actually be like 70) still swings like he can go 2-for-4 with a pair of RBIs, was the fact he was taking cuts in jeans, a flannel, a scarf and dress shoes:

Man, who could forget that iconic batting stance? Franco is the definition of the term “baseball lifer.” He played 23 years in the MLB, finally retiring at the age of 49 with the Atlanta Braves, where he spent six of his seasons as a pro. If you have time today, check out his incredible baseball reference page as well as his Wikipedia. Some of the stats and facts are flat-out hilarious. My personal favorite: Franco is the only MLB player known to have hit a home run with his grandson in attendance.

As cool as the batting cage video is, that’s not the reason for this post. The real reason is this story told by Boston Red Sox pitcher Collin McHugh, who saw the viral Franco video and offered up a quote Franco delivered to him during McHugh’s days with the Mets. Legendary might be underselling it:

BOSS. Do you think Franco lasted nearly a quarter of a century in the Show by NOT working out every day? Come on Collin, be better. Now, let’s watch Franco’s last MLB hit, which was, of course, an RBI single:

What a piece of hitting. OK, one more. Here’s when he became the oldest player to hit a home run at 47: