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This Predators fan just suffered the worst sports nightmare imaginable

Meet Andrew Fudge. Andrew is a hockey nut and Predators fan who is having a terrible, no good, very bad day. Why you ask? Well, because today, July 17th, 2017, Andrew—who by his own admission doesn't check Twitter very often—finally got around to cleaning out his DMs. That's when he found this:

That's right. You're reading that correctly, even if your fragile sports psyche refuses to process the information your corneas are sending it. On June 8th, Poor Andrew—as he will from henceforth be known—won two tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals...but he never saw them, at least until now, when the sadistic bastard we call a universe deemed his punishment due.

Of course, we all cringe because we feel bad for Poor Andrew, but also because we can't help but put ourselves in his probably tear-splotched shoes. After all, as fellow fans—of the Falcons, of the Indians, of the Toledo freakin' Mud Hens even—we know it isn't the defeat that hurts. It's the hope.