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This is what Pebble Beach and Cypress Point look like from an astronaut's point of view

January 02, 2017

Golf Digest will unveil the latest edition of America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses later this week. But before the complete ranking comes out, we got an interesting look at a couple of courses -- Pebble Beach and Cypress Point -- that always make the cut. From outer space, that is.

That's because astronaut Shane Kimbrough recently tweeted the following image from high, high above the Monterey Peninsula:

Looking spectacular, indeed.

Pebble Beach has already been revealed as No. 7 on our ranking. You'll have to wait and see where Cypress Point falls and which course will earn the coveted top spot.

In any matter, thanks to Commander Kimbrough for sharing. And it's good to know that following in the footsteps of Alan Shepard, we've still got golf-loving astronauts.