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This goalie who purposely snapped an opponent's stick in half should be banned from life

February 27, 2019

For a beer league hockey game to reach a point where there is a full-on line brawl, some real scumbaggery had to have occurred. I'm sure it happens way more than you think, because dads build up a lot of anger throughout the week that has to be taken out when the puck drops at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night. That being said, middle-aged dudes on skates should never be throwing fists.

But that's what happened in what we have to assume is a men's league game, considering one team is in hot-pink jerseys and the fact there are a total of zero fans in the arena. In a video currently making the rounds on Twitter, you'll see two officials struggle to break up a fight that broke out between two belligerent beer-leaguers, eventually separating them. Just when you think those two guys are the biggest hardos on the ice, the goalie for the hot-pink team, who decided he wasn't wearing hot pink and opted for all black, swooped in and pulled a move that should ban him from this league forever. Check out the video, which we should warn you, has some language:

In this case, "are you F****** KIDDING ME?!" is the only appropriate response. This is the scumbag move to end all scumbag moves, and he topped it off by being a coward and skating as far away as soon as he could. If you're going to destroy someone's stick, at least have the guts to stand there and defend yourself when the guy understandably loses his shit. I may be going out on a limb here, but I don't think this guy has 10 fresh twigs ready waiting over on the bench like he's in the NHL. Goalies are hard to find for men's leagues, but there is literally no place for this dude in any league going forward.