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This compilation of NHL players using the same cliches is the funniest video you'll see today

December 04, 2018

The quick pre-game, mid-game and postgame interview with a player or coach is one of the more useless things in sports. The player/coach doesn't want to do it, the interviewer probably doesn't want to do it, and the fans at home don't get much from it. Saying that it's essentially "going through the motions" is actually giving it too much credit, and the fact that Greg Popovich shitting on the process a bunch of times is the best thing to come from these interviews says all you need to know about them.

While Pop may be the GOAT of making a mockery of these interviews, no athletes or coaches do them quite as well as NHL players. It's cliche after cliche after cliche, and it's so bad that they all start to sound like each other, especially the Canadian guys. Hell, even the American guys seem to adopt the accent after awhile. Don't believe us? Watch this video created by Sportsnet's Ashleigh Lamontagne, in which she created a compilation of all the unintentionally hilarious cliches and titled it "Hockey Talk." Enjoy:

Everybody is a good team, everybody has to play their own game for a full 60 minutes, keep it simple, play hard and most importantly, above all, you GOTTA get pucks deep. Do these things and you will be in the NHL before you know it.

The best thing about NHL players and coaches though, is that they all channel their inner Tiger Woods when it comes to nicknames. Simply add an "ey" or "s" to the end of anyone's name and you're golden. Yarney, Kesty, Pecks, Talbs, etc. Or maybe Tiger gets it from them? Could be a closet Kings fan for all we know.