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This Cris Collinsworth prop bet is why gambling is the most fun thing ever

September 05, 2019
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans

Wesley Hitt

On Tuesday I gave you my eight favorite NFL prop bets for the upcoming season, which, like every bet I've ever made and eventually lost in soul-crushing fashion, I still feel really good about! I just wish I had waited two more days to give you my nine favorite prop bets, the last of which involves Cris Collinsworth, because it is the LOCK of all LOCKS.

This bet comes from, which released a host of creative and fun props ahead of NFL opening night, which features a matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. The game will be on NBC, with Collinsworth and partner Al Michaels on the call, and you can bet on whether or not Collinsworth will do his now famous "slide in," because of course you can.

Being able to wager on something so stupid is why gambling is the best thing ever. The best part? Betting "YES" that Collinsworth will slide in is the underdog at +200 odds, while "NO" is a -300 favorite. Huh?

Collinsworth's move has become so popular on social media that he's very much in on the joke now, and he even stunned Twitter last December when he ... GASP ... slid in from the left instead of the right:

Whichever side he comes from, the slide is still a slide, and either direction would cash that +200 ticket. For "NO" to be such a heavy favorite should tell you somebody knows something we don't, but I think the world would stop spinning if Collinsworth didn't slide in on Thursday. How could he not, he does it every time!

Like I said, the lock of all locks. Collinsworth wouldn't dare stop now, and if he does I fully expect the internet to #cancel him.

Collinsworth's electric slide is not the only great prop bet from Here's a few more of our favorites and the odds. Good luck to all on this glorious occasion that is NFL Opening Day.

Will Bears kicker miss a field goal in Week 1?

Yes -140

No +100

How many pass interference coaches' challenges will there be Week 1?

Over 22.5

Under 22.5

First quarterback to be benched during 2019 season (non-injury related)

Eli Manning +200

Ryan Fitzpatrick +300

Case Keenum +400

Jameis Winston +500

Jacoby Brissett +750

Jimmy Garoppolo +750

Marcus Mariota +1000

Derek Carr +1400

Joe Flacco +1400

Which quarterback will win more games? (must start game)

Kyler Murray -300

Daniel Jones +200

Dwayne Haskins +500

Will Rob Gronkowski play for the Patriots during 2019 season?

Yes -120

No -120

Which week will Rob Gronkowski play for the Patriots? (must return for action)

Weeks 1-4 (+500)

Weeks 5-8 (+400)

Weeks 9-12 (+250)

Weeks 13-17 (+300)

Playoffs (+300)

Will Philip Rivers announce pregnancy of 10th child by Feb. 2, 2020?

Yes +1000

No -3000

Will Patrick Chung be found guilty of cocaine possession at Nov. 8 trial? (verdict must occur by 12/31/19 for action)

Yes -150

No +110

Will Carli Lloyd tryout for an NFL team during regular season?

Yes +500

No -1000

Next player on Week 1 active roster to retire?

Eli Manning +150

Josh McCown +200

Julius Peppers +300

Adam Vinatieri +300

Drew Brees +500

Tom Brady +800