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This conversation about a crab between Rory and Bubba is the best case for mic'd up players

On Thursday at Harbour Town, a mic’d up Adam Hadwin confessed to committing a penalty, highlighting just how entertaining mic'd up professional golfers can be. Sure, the two-stroke infraction was heartbreaking for the 32-year-old Canadian, but for those watching, it was fascinating television.

But not everyone is interested in fans hearing everything they have to say during a round, particularly a few of the top players in the world. Brooks Koepka says if announcers would just “shut up and listen,” players wouldn’t need to wear mics. Justin Thomas says it’s “just not him,” and what he says to his caddie Jimmy Johnson is not for public consumption. Jon Rahm believes it won’t be as entertaining as people think.

Judging by this conversation that was picked up between Rory McIlroy and Bubba Watson on Saturday, Rahm could not be more wrong. At the par-3 17th, Watson’s tee shot found a greenside bunker, where his ball buried fried-egg style. As he was preparing to hit his second, Watson noticed a crab underneath his golf ball. We’ll let he, Rory and PGA Tour rules official Slugger White take it from here:

Outstanding stuff from this trio, as well as from Watson’s caddie Ted Scott. If you stuck around for the end and listened closely, you heard the best line from McIlroy: “not the sort of crab issues people are usually worried about.” Gross!

Here’s the thing: these two weren’t mic’d up. This conversation was captured on that boom mic just off the green, and the announcers must have heard Koepka’s “shut up and listen” advice, because they did a great job of that. Koepka may have a point, but there's also somewhere to meet in the middle. Less talking from the announcers and mic'd up players are two things everyone can get behind.