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This close up video of a Tennessee wide receiver’s touchdown grab will give you a concussion

Reading through the news each day, it seems less and less likely we see a college football season that starts on time, if one starts at all. For someone who schedules their fall Saturdays around the 3:30 p.m. SEC on CBS game and whatever ranked vs. ranked primetime game is on the schedule, it’s all incredibly depressing.

It’s even more depressing when the damn SEC Network Twitter account sends out a highlight from last season, this one coming from an October game between Tennessee and South Carolina. Not the best of SEC matchups, but still a high-energy affair, as evidenced by this closeup clip of a Jauan Jennings touchdown grab, which will very likely give you a concussion just from watching:

Good LORD he got JACKED UP. Heroic job to hang on to the ball and take that hit for six points. Even more heroic? The camera man hanging in there to grab this shot, getting knocked over and then hopping back up to capture Jennings and his teammate’s reaction. That is legendary stuff. If Bryson DeChambeau sees this, maybe he’ll change his opinion on these incredibly skilled people.

Sadly, moments like these at Neyland Stadium or the Swamp or the Coliseum seem hundreds of thousands of miles away. Really hoping I’m wrong on that one, though.