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This blatant, uncalled Bradley Beal travel makes all of James Harden's travels look innocent

February 12, 2019

Move over James Harden. Take a seat Kawhi Leonard. There is a new traveling king of the NBA, and his name is Bradley Beal.

Now, to be fair to Beal, he doesn't have a history of happy feet, though we're sure he's gotten away with plenty of walks just like every NBA star ever has. But there is not much damning video evidence of him traveling on YouTube as there is for a Harden, Leonard or Russell Westbrook. That being said, this travel is getting in the Traveling Hall of Fame on the first ballot. The key to all of the historically great travels of course, is that they go uncalled. Enjoy:

We counted five total steps after Beal gathers the ball, which makes Harden's four-step strolls look innocent by comparison. Another thing you have to love with all these obvious walks is the entire opposing bench screaming for a call, not to mention the entire arena, whether it's their player or an opposing player, audibly gasping at what they just witnessed. And naturally, the play ends with the refs calling a push off on the Detroit Pistons. You can't make it up. The Twitter replies, as always, were spot on:

This walk was so bad that even Beal knew he got away with one judging by this sarcastic tweet:

Detroit wound up getting the last laugh, winning 121-112. The real winner though, is whoever made this uncalled travel compilation, because I have a feeling a few more folks will view this today after watching Beal's: