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This 100-year-old woman is the talk of the European Tour at the KLM Open

September 13, 2019

Look up the definition of "lifetime sport" in the dictionary and you should see a picture of a golfer. More specifically, you should see a picture of Susan Hosang.

On Thursday, the 100-year-old golfer was the talk of the European Tour's KLM Open, taking a swing on the 13th hole and impressing Patrick Reed, Matthew Wallace and Thomas Pieters. Have a look:

"What a sport," an announcer says, "what a lady."

We couldn't agree more. It wasn't quite the result that 12-year-old Vince Komen produced earlier in the day to win his "Beat the Pros" competition, but again, Susan is 100! She was born 15 years before the inaugural Masters and just one year after World War I ended! She's the same age as Pebble Beach!

Also, look at the pep in her step as she makes her way off the tee box. Reed can barely keep up with her!

Anyway, here's another angle of Susan's shot:

And here's a photo of her in action:

According to the European Tour, Susan didn't take up the game until she was 70. But we're glad she finally found it. And we're glad the cameras found her on Thursday. Here's to another 30 years on the course, Susan!