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12-year-old kid "beats the pros" at European Tour event, has clearly been watching Hideki Matsuyama too much

September 12, 2019

Vince Komen may only be 12, but he sure looks like a tour pro already. The young man who won the "Beat the Pros" contest at this week's KLM Open on the European Tour flashed a FootJoy logo on his collar, buttoned his top button like Bubba Watson, and even gave a Hideki Matsuyama-esque reaction to his winning shot. Check it out:

Seriously, he seemed disgusted with the shot, pulling out another tried-and-true tour pro move, the one-handed finish. To be fair, it looked like Vince caught that a little thin, but it ran out to about 15 feet, closer than the efforts of the actual tour pros he was competing against. Hey, it's never too early to learn this all-important life lesson: Thin to win!

We also learned that "Twee" in Dutch translates to "two," which is how many plane tickets Komen earned for his clutch performance. But KLM couldn't hook the kid up with first-class? Bad job, KLM. Unless "economy class" translates to something different over there, too. In any event, nice job, Vince.