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These reactions from Marc Leishman and Russell Knox when the horn went off were priceless

July 30, 2016

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. -- Forgive us for having a bit of a laugh at a couple of tour pros, but during a lengthy weather delay at the 98th PGA Championship we need all the entertainment we can get. Marc Leishman and Russell Knox were so, SO close to finishing their third rounds and being able to do whatever they pleased the rest of Saturday. But alas, they're waiting out the storm like the rest of us.

On the 18th hole, Knox, seeing a nearby official looking poised to blow the horn to officially suspend play, quickly tapped in his par attempt to complete a round of 67. That left Leishman facing a 12-footer for birdie, but as he readied to putt, the dreaded horn sounded. Take a look at their priceless reactions:

Unlike when the horn goes off for play to stop due to darkness, golfers don't have the option of finishing the hole they're playing when play is stopped due to dangerous weather. That meant Leishman had to wait around to complete his round -- and that Knox, who is responsible for verifying and signing his playing partner's scorecard, had to stick around too. Rough.

And it's tough to get on Leishman for not being a little quicker. After all, he was putting for a 66 that would have put him into the top 10. At a major.

There was a similar situation on Day 1 of this year's U.S. Open when Andrew Landry had to wait to attempt a 10-footer for an opening 66. He came back to Oakmont on Friday morning to make the putt. Let's hope for Leishman's sake, this wait is also worth it. But in the meantime, we can all chuckle at the situation. Sorry, guys.