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There are so many free condoms at the Winter Olympics that every athlete can have 37

February 08, 2018

Claire Mackintosh - EMPICS

The Pyeongchang Olympic Village. The set of Solo: A Star Porn Story. Drake's tour bus. That's the hierarchy of places on earth where the most sex is currently happening. It's one of the worst-kept secrets in sports, but we'll say it again anyway: Olympians are the horniest, most hormonally pulsating cross-section of society outside of Everytown Community Band Camp, and the numbers back it up.

In the summer of 2000, organizers of the Sydney Games placed an order for 70,000 prophylactics...and promptly ran out. After an emergency order for an additional 20,000, a baseline of 100,000 per games was instituted. Then two years ago, the Rio Olympics made headlines when it was revealed that athletes would have access to over 450,000 free condoms—or roughly 42 per athlete, distributed via these hilarious adult gumball machines:

Rio 2016 Olympic Village Tour

Buda Mendes

Now, despite weather that's so cold it's forcing some alpine ski teams to discard $1,000 skis like paper plates, things are heating up in Pyeongchang as well, with officials revealing that 110,000 gratis condoms will be made available for athletes, the most in the history of the Winter Olympics. For those of you keeping score at home, that's 37 per athlete and approximately 2.31 per day, which roughly translates to an undergraduate education's worth of Trojans for most of us non-sex-gods.

How many will actually be used by the time the Games, er, climax on February 25th, is unclear, but don't ask the athletes to kiss and tell. As former U.S. gold-medalist Summer Sanders once famously said, "What happens in the village, stays in the village."