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The world will finally bask in the glorious light of 'Rush Hour 4'

February 22, 2018

The ground shook, the seas parted, and the sky spoke: LET THERE BE RUSH HOUR 4 it said. And so it was...well according to Chris Tucker at least.

On Thursday morning, the comedian took to ESPN's podcast The Plug to, as far as we can tell, express his openness to any and all available work, should anybody be looking for an actor or stunt double or boom-mic operator or caterer, and in the process let one pretty significant cat out of the bag: Rush Hour 4 is a go, with both him and Jackie Chan set to reprise their roles as Detective Carter and Inspector Lee. Cue dancing gif:

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Beyond that, details are scant, with production rumored to begin in 2018, a year in which Tucker will turn 47 and Chan an astounding 64, raising some very real concerns about the dad-joke-to-karate-kick ratio. That said, all it has to do is top the 18% its predecessor—a film Ebert & Roeper once called "so cartoonishly stupid it makes the original look like a classic"—is currently rocking on Rotten Tomatoes and it will instantly make like a hundred zillion dollars. So yeah, green light. Let's make it rain, gentlemen.

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