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The Washington Post suggests trying "carrot dogs" at your next BBQ, Twitter responds accordingly

Fresh carrots


Ahh, Friday of Memorial Day weekend, it's finally here. As the great (and also terrible) Larry Vaughn, mayor of Amity Island, said in "Jaws", "it's a beautiful day, the beaches are open and people are having a wonderful time. Amity, as you know, means 'friendship.'" Seriously though, what a time to be alive, what great day to be an American. What could possibly ruin what's poised to be another fantastic MDW? The Washington Post, that's what!

How did the Post ruin it, you ask? By making a despicable suggestion for your next cookout and conveniently tweeting it out at 6:21 a.m. on Friday morning, just as your weekend was getting underway. That means they are implying that this horrid excuse for a hot dog is something that could be a hit at your Memorial Day BBQ. Here is tweet and the recipe, if you choose to read it, for "carrot dogs":

No, carrot dogs will never be "welcome" anywhere. Get OUT WaPo. Naturally, folks on Twitter had some strong reactions, as they should have. Here's a sampling of the most hilarious ones we saw:

Great stuff from Twitter, as always. Apologies to the vegans and vegetarians out there, but sorry, take your carrot dogs elsewhere this weekend.