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A controversial Brooklyn BBQ photo caused Twitter to burn itself to the ground

March 05, 2018

Twitter is not exactly a safe space, and we're not just referring to heated matters like politics or socioeconomics. No matter how innocuous the subject -- clothing, sports, your favorite "Parks and Rec" character --anything posted will elicit a stern and severe response. ("You think Ann Perkins is the best? Clearly you're blinded to the communist ethics embedded in the Pawnee monoculture.")

Which may explain why a picture of Brooklyn BBQ nearly burned social media to the ground on Sunday.

The photo in question came from Munchies, a foodie channel from Vice. While the accompanying article is just fine, clearly someone was asleep at the wheel when choosing the tout image:

Luckily -- is that the word we're looking for? -- Twitter was there to remind Munchies they're a bunch of East Coast elitists with their head in the ground:

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 2.12.26 PM.png

You get the idea. Listen, in its history Brooklyn has survived the American Revolution's Battle of Long Island, Hurricane Sandy and the general existence of the Nets. This is nothing. Still, the next time you're going to take shots at the BBQ world Munchies, you best not miss.