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The Wall Street Journal checks in with the worst tweet of 2019 regarding the Warriors dynasty

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four

Steve Dykes

On Monday night, the Golden State Warriors completed the sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers, winning on the road in overtime, 119-117. Despite being without Kevin Durant all series, despite being without Andre Iguadola in Game 4 in Portland and despite having to listen to endless rumors about Durant potentially leaving in free agency this summer, this team just keeps getting it done. With Monday's win, they punched their ticket to a fifth straight finals, and will easily win look to win a fourth ring against the winner of the Toronto Raptors-Milwaukee Bucks series.

This Warriors team is quite literally the definition of a dynasty, even if they were to stunningly fall to the Raptors or Bucks. Even before they signed Durant they were already on the dynasty path, having won a title and winning 73 games the following regular season. Durant certainly helped, and if he comes back he'll likely help them three-peat, but it's safe to say they would have won at least one of the last two Finals without him anyway. And they just swept a team pretty easily without him. They are a very good team, with very good players.

This all sounds blatantly obvious to even a fringe follower of the NBA. Apparently though, The Wall Street Journal felt it wasn't so obvious, at least according to what may be the worst tweet of 2019, and possibly ever:

The Warriors would not be a dynasty without their starting five, which features five NBA All Stars, three of which are among the top 10 players in the league. Big, if true.

As always with tweets like this, there are so many questions. Did one person concoct this? Did multiple people concoct it, see it, review it and STILL decide to hit send? Is it a lowly intern who has never watched a second of the NBA that skimmed the article and came up with that as the tweet to get people to click? Is the Wall Street Journal actually playing chess while we're all playing checkers by purposely tweeting something so dumb that their ENGAGEMENT would go through the roof? We may never know.

What we do know is that the replies are gold, and credit to the Wall Street Journal for leaving the tweet up and allowing itself to get absolutely peppered with tweets, which goes back to my point of this possibly being on purpose. Social media these days is all about getting a reaction, and nothing gets a good ol' ratio like an absurd tweet like this that riles up the masses. I see what you're doing WSJ, and frankly, I'm impressed. Anyway, on to the replies:

For more comedy, go check out the tweet, which is still up, and keep on scrolling through the replies. And by the way, to be fair to whoever tweeted it out, when you go to the actual article under the headline reads this: "The five essential players of this dynasty—Curry, Thompson, Green, Iguodala and Durant—were necessary to do something that no team had done in more than 50 years."

Ah, yes, the starting five. Key pieces to the team.