The unlikely flotation device that will fix your swing plane

September 21, 2017
ANA Inspiration - Round Two

David Cannon/Getty Images

If you've ever entered into a semi-deep conversation about the golf swing, you've probably heard or uttered the phrase "swing plane." It's one thing to have people tell you your swing plane is off, but it's another to have a drill that can actually show you when you're off-plane. LPGA rookie Nelly Korda practices proper takeaway by using an unorthodox golf-training aid: a pool floatie.

"It looks like it gives her feedback if the right arm folds or bends too much in the backswing," said Adam Kolloff, one of our Best Young Teachers. "This can cause the swing to get long and lose width in the backswing."

Pull a floatie out of the deep end and slide it on your right arm if you're a righty, then swing. If you feel you're pinching the floatie hard against your torso when you take it back, your right arm is breaking down too much. If the floatie is missing your body completely, you're too far outside.

Korda had another good takeaway drill that we wrote about at the beginning of the 2017 season. If you take it back too fast, read it here.