DrillsFebruary 27, 2017

Nelly Korda's Simple Drill Could Fix Your Takeaway

You might recognize Nelly Korda as Jessica Korda’s younger sister. She’s begun her rookie season on the LPGA after winning once on the Symetra Tour in 2016. In her first LPGA event in 2017, Korda finished T-5. So her rookie season is off to a strong start.

Korda posted this video of a swing drill she’s working on.

We talked to TJ Yeaton, one of our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers out of Hawthorns G. & C.C., to figure out how this drill works. Korda is setting up to the ball, but there’s another ball set a couple inches behind the ball she’s about to hit. At the start of her takeaway, she pushes that second ball back a few inches with the back of her club.

“The purpose for it is to keep the clubhead low and slow,” says Yeaton. “This drill only helps the player that is too quick on the takeaway or has too much ascent to the clubhead early on in the backswing.”

If you’re someone who takes the club back too fast, or whips it inside too early, this drill could help you out.

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