Ball Is Life

The Texans playing basketball with two trash cans in the locker room is the most lit video of the NFL preseason

August 28, 2019

Remember that scene from "Glory Road," the one where they are all playing basketball with a head of lettuce and two garbage cans in the cafeteria? This one:

Pretty corny, but somewhat funny. The Houston Texans real-life version, posted to Twitter by JJ Watt on Wednesday, is way better:

Wow, lunch time at the Texans facility looks LIT. I guess this is what NFL players do with their down time-2v2 hoops with what appears to be one of those oversized tennis balls and two garbage cans. The best part about the garbage cans is that, unlike the scene in "Glory Road," no one is holding them up in the air. If you're allowed to block shots in whatever form of basketball these guys are playing, it must be absolutely impossible to score. Unless of course you make a sick backdoor cut and receive this smooth no-look dish:

And how about the UPs from whoever this guy is? That ball is completely below his waist:

That's easily a 10 in the NBA Dunk Contest, and well worthy of the epic celly from his teammates. Shades of Kevin Durant going off at Rucker Park. If I'm head coach Bill O'Brien, I'm probably not thrilled with my guys playing what looks to be full-contact, garbage-can hoops beforevpractice, as its just asking for injury. But it looks like a hell of a time.

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