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The schlubby sheriff from ‘Stranger Things’ got absolutely YOLKED for his new role

September 18, 2017

Remember Sheriff Hopper, the affable Schlitz-swilling lawman from last year’s surprise supernatural hit, Stranger Things? Well, Hopper—or, more accurately, actor David Harbour—raised a few eyebrows when it was announced he would play the titular demon-hunting demon in the upcoming Hollywood reboot of Hellboy earlier this year. Why? Because this is Hellboy…


…and this is David Harbour…


Or at least it was David Harbour until David Harbour went out and got ferociously, tank-tearingly massive in two months in order to prepare for the role. But how big of a difference can eight weeks, a mad scientist personal trainer, and every semi-legal supplement known to man really make, you ask?

Umm yeah. Now you know. A big enough difference that you leapfrog grizzly bears on the food chain, apparently. We’re still not exactly sure how ol’ Sheriff Hopper is going to reconcile this transformation with his humble Indiana constituency when Stranger Things Season 2 drops on October 27th, but hey, credit where is due:

David Harbour, you got ripped.