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The Saquon Barkley pick got infinitely better for Giants fans in this post-draft interview

Among New York Giants fans and the NY media, the reaction to the selection of Saquon Barkley at No. 2 overall has been mostly mixed. Did the Giants miss out on a quarterback of the future? Should they have traded down and collected assets? Is taking a running back that early the right move? He was clearly the best player in the draft, but with so many other holes to fill on the roster, like offensive linemen to block for whoever is in the backfield, Dave Gettleman's first pick as the general manager is one that raises some questions.

But if you're like myself and have spent some of your day re-watching Barkley's highlights, you've come around and are now ALL IN on Saquon. Plus, Odell's in, Eli's in, there's no turning back now. Could the Giants have possibly handed their in-stadium rival Jets a QB for the next decade? Maybe, but we're living in the now. Speaking of the Jets, here's Saquon Barkley instantly becoming a Big Blue fan favorite during a post-draft interview late Thursday night with ESPN's Maria Taylor:

Barkley, who was born in the Bronx, grew up a Jets fan, a "true, true" Jets fan as he told the New York Post. But not as true as his dad apparently, who has a forearm tattoo of puke Gang Green. Barkley planning to use some of his money to get that thing removed is exactly what NYG fans want to hear, not to mention he's going to put some in savings and buy mom and dad a house. Kid's got a great head on his shoulders! Going to be a stud!

P.S. I'm very scared this isn't going to work out