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The play-by-play of this Los Angeles police chase/crash is wildly entertaining

November 16, 2018

A Los Angeles area police chase involving a high-speed crash on Friday resulted in no serious injuries thankfully. And now that we've gotten that fact out of the way, we can also talk about how thankful we are that is was caught on tape.

NBC 4's newschopper was hovering above the scene and captured, first a police car causing the stolen truck to flip over, and then California Highway Patrol tackling the runaway suspect. But even more entertaining than all of that was the incredible play-by-play. Have a watch and listen:

I haven't heard a call that good since Marv Albert in his prime. Seriously, NBC needs to make this woman part of their sports coverage. The highlights:

"CHP said game over."

"Suspect is on the run, guys, he's not going to get too far away. I'm amazed he's able to run after an accident like that."

And, of course, "THERE'S the takedown! Look at that! CHP, tremendous job."

And a tremendous job by this instant viral video legend as well. Watch your back, Al Michaels.