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The Phillies-Tigers Spring Training game was a full-on bean-fest, complete with multiple ejections

As much as the sight of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton batting back-to-back makes me feel things, it's still very difficult to get excited about anything that happens in Spring Training. This is especially true now that we're just a week away from real games getting underway. After watching this A+ hype video from the MLB Twitter account, it's time to just get on with it already:

Oh yes. Very much ready.

But before meaningful baseball games arrive, the Philadelphia Phillies and Detroit Tigers decided get get the proceedings going early, by participating in a full-on bean-fest the likes of which is usually reserved for a sweltering hot day in mid-July when tempers flare between two teams that are tired of looking at the standings and seeing they are 13.5 games back. Check out the highlights, complete with multiple ejections ... in a Spring Training game!

Spring Training? More like Spring Paining (I'm so sorry).

Only thing missing here was Phillies manager Gabe Kapler lifting the umpire over his head and tossing him into the third row. In case you're interested in seeing if any of this carries over, the two teams play again on Saturday, but since its Spring Training, no one cares. Unfortunately, the Phillies and Tigers do not meet during the regular season.