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New Phillies manager Gabe Kapler might win a bodybuilding competition before a World Series

November 09, 2017

The Philadelphia Phillies haven't given their fanbase a reason to be optimistic in quite awhile, just ask this guy. The last time they made the playoffs was 2011, and even that season ended in disappointment, with a 102-win Phils team getting bounced in the NLDS by the St. Louis Cardinals.

In the six years since, the Phillies have won more than 73 games once, and finished dead last in the NL East three times. But the future does appear bright, thanks to a top-10 MLB farm system that's loaded with top 100 prospects. The lucky man in charge of the up-and-coming club is 42-year-old Gabe Kapler, who the Phillies hired as the 54th manager in the team's history on October 30. Kapler, who spent 12 seasons in the MLB as an outfielder, has already made a great first impression thanks to his intensity and enthusiasm, despite having no prior managerial experience. He's also absolutely JACKED:

For a guy who hit just 82 career home runs, those are some absolute cannons. The Phillies may not win a World Series any time soon, but with Kapler in their corner I see plenty of potential victories in bodybuilding competitions, CrossFit games and bar fights in their future.