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This Phillies fan brings new meaning to drinking one's pain away

On Monday night the Philadelphia Phillies, owners of the worst record in the MLB, took on the best team in the league, the Houston Astros, which some may argue is not a great matchup for them at the moment. In the bottom of the seventh, already down 12-1, cameras captured a Phillies fan who reached his tipping point.

Folks, this is how you drink the pain away. The elusive double fist with two $15, 16 oz. beers in an absolutely phenomenal shirt. And look at that form! If you're going to double fist, you better give each can an equal amount of sips while they're both still cold. Absolutely textbook execution.

Not too long ago, it was great to be this guy. From 2007-2011 the his team finished first in the division each year, won two NL pennants and appeared in the World Series twice, winning one in 2008 over the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2011, they even won 102 games, but fell to the Cardinals in the NL Division Series. Since then, it's gone downhill at warp speed. The team hasn't made the playoffs in any of the last five years, and that streak won't end in 2017. At this point, matching last season's win total of 71 would be a minor miracle.

That's why we'd like to submit this man for fan of the year, if such an award exists? He looks like he's there alone, deep into a game completely out of reach and is still giving the team his hard-earned dollars despite a 34-63 record. Definition of a die-hard fan, or possibly insane human.