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The only thing better than Jeremy Lamb's half-court buzzer beater is the glorious call

Charlotte Hornets v Toronto Raptors

Vaughn Ridley

If you were looking for a little madness from the NCAA Tourney this weekend, you were probably a little disappointed. One-seed Duke and two-seed Tennessee held off upset bids, while UNC cruised and Oregon, the 12-seed "surprise", knocked off the UC Irvine Anteaters, a 13-seed "surprise." So far things look chalkier than a bottle of Tums, which has many basketball fans lamenting the lack of chaos (and Sister Jean), but thankfully the NBA was on hand to ratchet up the crazy on Sunday evening with quite possibly the best buzzer beater of the year thus far. Jeremy Lamb, take a bow, sir.

Obviously incredible stuff from Lamb, who picks up the fumbled in-bounds and goes full Steph Curry from the Raptors' half, banking in as the buzzer sounds to not only give the Charlotte Hornets the 115-114 win, but also keep them in playoff hunt. If you watched the video on mute in the restroom stall at work while hiding from your Monday morning responsibilities, however, then you missed the the best part: The ridiculous, Gus Johnson-esque call from Charlotte broadcasters Eric Collins and Dell Curry (Steph's pa, who you think would be used to this kind of stuff by now). Go back and turn that sucker up if you haven't already.

Just listen to those "OHHHHHSSS" and try to tell me this isn't the single purest Gus-gasm to ever issue from not-Gus. But that's just the icing on the cake that is the shrieking, voice-cracking "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, HE HITS, JEREMY LAMB WINS IT!" punctuated by another Gus trademark: "WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED." How it holds up to "CRAWFORD'S GOTTA HURRY, UH, OHHHH" is a question for the basketball gods, but both are absolute toe-curlers.

If that doesn't quite fill your madness tank, A. those must be pretty big tanks and B. the Sweet 16 fires back up on Thursday. You won't see Jeremy Lamb putting 'em up from half court, but there's got to be some upsets eventually...right?