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The one thing Mets and Yankees fans can agree on is that this guy sucks

On Friday night, a video of a baseball fan enjoying the epic New York Mets comeback against the Washington Nationals at Citi Field went viral. Sounds innocent enough, right? Oh, how wrong can you be.

With the score tied, 3-3, in the top of the sixth, Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman, acquired at the trade deadline, loaded the bases but had a chance to get out of it with two outs and Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg at the plate. After getting Strasburg down 0-2, SNY cameras panned over a raucous Citi Field crowd and caught one fan committing the gravest of sins for a New York sports fan. See if you can figure out what I mean:

I do not say this lightly: This man needs to be banned from both Citi Field and Yankee Stadium for life. You simply cannot wear a Yankees jersey AND a Mets hat AND chant "Let's go Mets!" during the biggest moment of a game and expect to get away with it. These New York fans, the ones who say "I just root for all the teams," are the absolute freaking worst. Choose a damn side. It's Giants or Jets. Rangers, Islanders or Devils. Knicks or Nets. Mets or Yankees. You don't "cheer for both." I'm not sure who is worse, the Mets-Yankees dude or this guy from the Red Sox versus Yankees London series:

These two should be locked in a room together forever so they can just "enjoy the game!" together. Get them OUT.

The worst part about this guy is that neither fan base wants to claim him. The initial reaction is to say he's a Yankees fan because of the jersey being so prominent, but he's wearing a Mets hat and cheering hard for the Mets during a big moment in the game. Nobody wants this guy on their side. But he did do one good thing, bringing both fan bases together to agree on one thing: that he sucks.

As harsh as all this sounds, I'm afraid these people are right. This is just unacceptable behavior, and it gives New York sports fans a bad name, something they needed no help with in the first place. This is the type of guy who, when you ask, "Where should we go eat?" he counters with, "I'm easy, I'll eat anything, whatever you guys want." The WORST. The last thing passionate New York sports fans are is wishy-washy. This guy is the Mayor of Wish Wash City.

UPDATE: Well, it looks like the man in question was not wearing a Mets hat. I was way off. Here's Stephen Strub's response on Twitter:

I guess this means he's a Yankee fan? Tough look for the NYY faithful.