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The NFL's craziest play on Christmas involved a Tiger Woods-inspired celebration

December 26, 2016

It's extremely rare to see a 345-pound defensive tackle throw a touchdown pass in an NFL game, but that's exactly what Dontari Poe did during the Kansas City Chief's 33-10 thrashing of the Denver Broncos on Christmas. As you might expect, the sight of a man of that size tossing a TD (on a jump pass, no less!) was awesome, but we're focusing on the man who caught the score, Demetrius Harris. Why? Because his celebration was equally as awesome.

While the Kansas City players flocked to Poe to celebrate a play he later described as "unforgettable," Harris did a Tiger Woods-inspired celebration we won't soon forget. First, using the football as a putter, Harris mimicked stroking a putt. Then he pretended to follow the putt to the hole before giving a huge Tiger Woods fist bump. Check out the entire sequence:

Of course, we've seen the fist pump many times (and in many forms) from Tiger through the years, but chasing after the ball like that reminds us of one moment in particular: The first hole of a sudden-death playoff against Bob May at the 2000 PGA Championship at Valhalla:

Technically, Woods finished off that birdie make by pointing at the ball and not the big uppercut, but we'll give Harris a pass. The tight end gave us our favorite celebration of the NFL season, and it's one we hope to see again in the playoffs. Or maybe, he'll mix it up. Tiger's reaction to making that putt on the 72nd hole of the 2008 U.S. Open was pretty good as well. . .