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The New York Islanders need help naming their new service puppy

August 31, 2018

Here's something cool. Partly because it involves a puppy in a tiny New York Islanders sweater—which is always worth its weight in internet gold—but also because the Islanders are training said puppy to be a service animal for visually impaired individuals. Honestly what more can you ask for?

The answer, as it turns out, is a name. As part of a collaboration with the Guide Dog Foundation, the Isles will cover the full $50,000 required to breed, raise, and train the pup, but they're asking you, the great dog-loving people of America, for help with the hardest part. Here are the options you can choose from:

MALE: Radar, Stanley, Flash, Lucky, Bauer, Easton, Checker, Biscuit

FEMALE: Meadow, Connie, Shadow, Hattie, Coli

OK, so not a great crop of options there, but something tells us "Tavares" was the off the table. Click here to cast your vote (or write in your own suggestion) and then stay tuned for the announcement in the coming weeks. P.S. Just look at this freakin' nugget.