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The nakedest Rolling Stone covers ever

September 18, 2017

After nearly 50 years of culture-shaping publication, Wenner Media on Sunday officially parked Rolling Stone at the end of the driveway and stuck a "For Sale" sign in the jammed, dusty window. There will be major changes afoot for the American entertainment 'zine in the coming weeks, but rest assured, some things will simply never be forgotten...and we're not talking about the album reviews or the election coverage.

You see, when aliens unearth our time capsules on this abandoned planet 500 years from now, it won't be Godsmack or Bob Dole that offers the most insight about the great civilization that once thrived beneath their green, thirteen-toed feet—it will be the stripped-down, oiled-up nudie covers that remain seared into the brain of every current and former 16-year-old human male, even now, in Rolling Stone's hour of utmost irrelevancy. So in that spirit, we'll shut up, and let some of sexiest covers in Rolling Stone history do the eye-f—ing talking. Enjoy.

Chirstina Aguilera

Gisele Bundchen

Janet Jackson

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Lisa Bonet

Britney Spears

Katy Perry

Miranda Kerr

Brooke Shields

Kim Kardashian

Demi Moore

Lady Gaga

Nicole Kidman

Angelina Jolie

__True Blood Cast__

Cindy Crawford

Rosario Dawson and Rose McGowan

Jennifer Anniston


Brad Pitt

Blind Melon

Jared Leto

John Mayer

Justin Timberlake