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The most impressive bet of the NFL season might be this West Virginia gambler's $5 wager—and his massive payday

January 02, 2019

Week 17 in the NFL is notoriously the toughest week to bet, with non-playoff team's motivations tough to predict and playoff teams sitting their starters. Don't tell that to one bettor from West Virginia, whose 20,000-to-1 longshot hit is one of the most impressive bets we've seen this football season.

There were a number of impressive paydays on longshot wagers in 2018, from $17,000-to-1 payouts to insane 12-team parlays. But this 15-team parlay placed in a West Virginia casino, shared by The Action Network's Darren Rovell, is a spectacular hit perhaps worthy of 2018's best bet.

Take a look at this glorious parlay card. It's the kind of bet all sports gamblers dream of hitting:

For any 20,000-to-1 bet to pay out, a lot of luck is needed. But the most impressive part about this parlay, besides the massive odds, is that most of the results on this card were wrapped up with ease. Blowout wins by the Patriots, Chiefs, Bills and Eagles, plus easy covers like the Bengals +14 (they lost by only three), meant this bettor didn't need to sweat out too much. The Bears/Vikings under went down to the final possession, and if one more touchdown was scored, that would've busted this parlay. And the Falcons eeked out a 2-point win over the Buccaneers to secure the win with a +1 spread.

Beyond that, this was mostly an easy winner. That's a rarity for this much of a longshot. So if anybody knows this sharp bettor from West Virginia, tell them to call us with his or her NFL playoff predictions. We're all ears.