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NFL gambler earns crazy $17,000-to-1 payout by correctly picking entire slate of games

September 18, 2018

Chicago Bears fans rejoiced when Prince Amukamara intercepted a Russell Wilson pass midway through the fourth quarter on Monday night and returned it for a touchdown. We can only imagine the reaction of one lucky person who became King of the gambling world this week thanks to Prince's play.

The touchdown all but sealed a Bears victory over the Seattle Seahawks, which also wrapped up a ridiculous win for someone in the William Hill Pro Football Progressive Contest. With the Bears victory, the mystery gambler went a perfect 16-0 (Well, 15-0-1, technically, since there's suddenly a tie every week in the NFL) picking winners for the week and earned $84,565 for a $5 bet. That's nearly a $17,000-to-1 payout. Must. Be. Nice.

Here's a better look at the card for Week 2 in the NFL:

The contest doesn't involve picking games with the point spreads, but still, pretty incredible. He picked the Chiefs on the road over the Steelers? The Jags beating the Patriots? Good thing he didn't get daggered by that crazy tie between the Packers and the Vikings. Or by the Browns, who should have beaten the Saints, but didn't, because they're the Browns.

Anyway, good for this guy/girl. I have a friend who once picked all 16 games right WITH the spread in a weekly contest and only the normal payout, a measly $150. I hope he's not reading this. . .