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"The Michael Kay Show" host loses his damn mind over broken microphone

If you're in tune with the New York sports radio scene (aka a loser like me), then you're aware it's in dire straits right now. Mike Francesa ain't walking through that door, no matter how many tears are shed. What da sports Pope left behind, WFAN has been nothing short of a dumpster fire.

But for now we turn our attention to NY's other sports radio station, ESPN New York, home of "The Michael Kay Show", otherwise known as the show Francesa bitch-slapped in the ratings year after year. This snooze-fest of a program consists of Michael Kay, Don La Greca and some other guy no one really knows or cares about. For all the crapping on them I'm doing, the show does have its moments, often provided by La Greca, who can inject a little life into the afternoon from time to time. If you recall, La Greca was the guy that unleashed bloody hell on NERDS everywhere last fall:


An all-time rant from La Greca, one that spawned this great piece on The Ringer from fellow NY sports radio-fan Katie Baker. On Tuesday afternoon, La Greca produced some more gold, this time in much more abrupt fashion when his microphone malfunctioned:

He's losing his damn mind! As much as the "LOOK AT THIS GARBAGE" line is hilarious, the best part has to be the long pause followed by "FIX THAT." Great stuff from Don, but still not great enough to make me actually want to tune in. When does Francesa get back?