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The European Tour's 'Driver Off The Deck' Challenge is absolute must-watch material

When it comes to #content, the European Tour rarely, if ever, misses. It helps that many European Tour pros are witty and willing to try anything, but they still need to execute on the idea. And they pretty much always do, whether it be a hilarious spoof Zoom meeting or one of the many great “challenges” (here and here for the best examples).

The Euro Tour’s latest and greatest challenge dropped on Friday, this one involving the biggest club in the bag. That’s right, we’re going driver off the deck, folks. There is not a more exhilarating shot to watch in all of golf.

Thanks to this challenge, viewers get to see the shot performed a number of times, as four pros take aim at the 18th green at Wentworth from 300 yards away. The goal? Hit a driver within eight feet of the hole, a seemingly impossible task even for the best players on the planet. Watch as Oliver Wilson, Marcus “The Bullet” Armitage, James Morrison and Thomas Detry each take a number of cracks at it:

To the surprise of absolutely no one, “The Bullet” was the star of the show. If you’ve never heard of “The Bullet,” we’ve covered him a few times before, once for petting his clubs like a dog and another time for when he holed a crucial putt to get into the 2020 Open Championship, which, unfortunately for him, was canceled. The best part of the video, besides all of his one-liners, was the fact that he was the one who pulled off the shot. Who knows how the other three would have reacted, but we can guarantee it wouldn’t have been as good as “The Bullet”’s reaction. Well done, as always, Euro Tour.