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The Cincinnati Reds had an infield error for the ages last night

For one glimmering moment last night—minutes after they picked big-hitting, fire-throwing prodigy Hunter Greene in the draft and moments before a Padres infield pop-up came crashing back to earth—the Cincinnati Reds were America's team. All pluck and promise and big Middle-West heart, Aaron Judge and his Thor's hammer of a bat be damned. Then this happened...

...and everything fell back into its rightful place. Like a scene out of some sort of modern retelling of the Three Stooges—you know, plus two Stooges—this classic case of miscommunication is vaudevillian in its hilarity and Shakespearean in its a grandeur, a glimmering jewel in the crown of internet gif-dom and a living, breathing embodiment of Ohio sports as of 6/13/17 AD.

With that in mind, join us in saying thank you to the good people and players of Cincinnati. Way to take one for Team Humanity. Next round is on us.