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The Canadian Open will feature a "Caddie Lounge" that might even make PGA Tour pros jealous

May 24, 2019

Being a caddie on the PGA Tour isn't the most glamorous job, but at one PGA Tour event, loopers will be treated like the star players whose bags they carry.

Next month's RBC Canadian Open (June 6-9) will feature a caddie hangout that will include a host of amenities, from food and drinks to fun activities like ping-pong to post-round massages. Canadian apparel company Levelwear is calling its "Caddy Lounge" a "VIP experience" and considering that most weeks these essential people aren't allowed in the clubhouse—sometimes, even during dangerous storms—it's tough to argue with that description. Here's how it's going to look:


Caddies at Hamilton Golf & Country Club that week will also be given free Levelwear gear, access to free on-site haircuts, and a Friday night surf-and-turf dinner. Pretty swanky, huh? Don't be surprised if you see a few PGA Tour pros slip on a caddie bib to try to get in.

While we're happy for the caddies, it does raise another important question: Does the Canadian Open have anything similar in the works for the hard-working members of the media who will be there? Asking for a friend. . .