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The camera man who captured this hilarious chirp from Montreal Canadien Max Domi deserves a pay raise

NHL players get very creative when it comes to chirping, and absolutely nothing is off limits. Watch any "NHL trash talk" compilation video on YouTube and you're left wondering how some guys can take the verbal abuse. In addition to possibly being crunched against the boards every time you get the puck, you also have to endure what essentially amounts to fifth-grade bullying. Fun!

While the chirps about one's physical appearance, personal statistics or contract situations are all hilarious and imaginative, sometimes the best chirps are the ones that are short and to the point. That's where Montreal Canadien Max Domi comes in. Domi, son of legendary chirper, fighter and complete nut job Tie Domi, is one of the better chirpers in the NHL, evidenced by his all-time great "waivers" line to Ottawa's Zack Smith last season. His chirp to Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Kasperi Kapanen on Saturday night was much more succinct, and it's easily the funniest thing you'll see all day.

The situation: down 4-1 in the third period, the Canadiens scored two quick goals to cut the lead to 4-3. Minutes later, the Habs were on the power play and looking to tie the game when Montreal's Jeff Petry fired a slap shot that broke in half the stick of Kapanen. Kapanen, unaware that rules exist, threw half of his stick at Petry, which results in an immediate penalty shot for the Canadiens. Petry made him pay by scoring and tying the game 4-4, and that's when a camera man captured Domi looking over at the Leafs bench and saying "Thatta boy Kapanen, you f---ing idiot." Here's the whole sequence of events:

Whoever this camera man is, give the guy a freaking raise right now. Impeccable timing:

The sheer joy on Domi's face as he delivers the line is what really makes it. Domi had a lot to be happy about on Saturday night. The 24-year-old had a goal and an assist in 18 minutes of ice time, and his team closed out a victory over one of their biggest rivals in a shootout, 6-5.