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The Back9 Network's newest personality once gave the most mystifying beauty pageant answer ever

September 23, 2014

Why does the name Caite Upton sound familiar? No, not KATE Upton. We're talking about one of the upstart Back9 Network's newest personalities, who will be co-hosting a new show, "Off Par", with comedian and actor Matt Blake.

In addition to now having a remarkably similar name as America's premier supermodel (and a former Golf Digest cover girl), Caite Upton is herself a model who used to go by Lauren Caitlin Upton. She was the Miss Teen South Carolina who in 2007 may have delivered the most regrettable answer in the long history of regrettable beauty pageant answers.

It's a winner.

In fairness to Ms. Upton, she has never hid from her viral moment. She went on the Today Show shortly after the Miss Teen USA pageant to revisit her answer (she said she was "overwhelmed"). And her Facebook profile proudly owns up to her past.

"I'm a Model/Host/Actress, former Miss South Carolina Teen USA (Yes, I'm THAT girl) AND Amazing Race finalist!"