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Kate Upton & Arnold Palmer

December 2013
Kate Upton and Arnold Palmer
He's spending more time teaching than playing these days, and in this month's cover story, Arnold Palmer lands a sensational new student: supermodel Kate Upton. Palmer met the fashion icon at Bay Hill in early 2013, and when Upton wanted to take up the game beyond her typical once-per-year family outing, The King was a natural for instruction. "When I teach... I stress the importance of having a system," Palmer writes. "It's discovering what works best for you and making adjustments as you go along."

Kate and Arnie
An exclusive look at Golf Digest's December 2013 photo shoot with the supermodel Kate Upton and Arnold Palmer.
Kate and Arnie
A behind-the-scenes look at our December 2013 cover shoot with the Kate Upton and Arnold Palmer.
Kate and Arnie
In our December 2013 cover story, Arnold teaches Kate Upton some of the fundamentals that made him one of the game's all-time greats. "I could tell right away that she's going to be a nice player," Palmer wrote. "It was the way she took her grip: a firm hold but not with a lot of tension in her arms. The way she waggled the club was very easy and natural."
Kate and Arnie
Supermodel Kate Upton offers legendary golfer Arnold Palmer a tip to get him out of his own putting funk.
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A collection of magazine ads with Arnie and beautiful women — models and starlets promoting automobiles and fashion lines.
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