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The Bachelor continues to deliver: This story about the contestant on a missing-persons list is beyond crazy

February 02, 2018

You don't have to be a fan of ABC's The Bachelor to appreciate the craziness of this story.

Bekah M. has become known to millions of viewers who are watching this season of The Bachelor. Turns out, the 22-year-old reality-show contestant was on a missing-persons list in Humboldt County, Calif., and before spotting her on national TV, Rebekah Martinez, was assumed to be one of 35 people missing in the county. Yes, really.

The bizarre story is reported in The North Coast Journal, and on a show that is full of crazy people fighting for love with someone who they met months earlier, this is near the top of the crazy list.

The publication posted a story this week called The Humboldt 35—asking readers if any of them knew the whereabouts of residents shown via photograph in the story. It didn't take long for viewers to write in, explaining that one of them was a contestant on one of the most popular shows on television. For anyone watching this season with Arie Luyendek Jr. as the bachelor, you would've recognized the bubbly contestant, too. You are likely shocked to read the rest of the story, in which Martinez's mother reported her missing after going to work on a marijuana farm.

The Bachelor contestant, interestingly enough, has been active on social media for the entirety of her appearing on this missing person's report. We're guessing her mother is not active on Instagram, missing posts like this:

Though we're happy Bekah is safe after all, this puzzling story will only continue to boggle the mind about how ABC continues to find these people for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

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Among all the crazy stories we've seen on seasons of Bachelor and Bachelorette in the past—who could forget the antics of protein-fiend Chad or cheesy-pasta-loving Corinne, this saga has to be up there. And honestly, this probably just continues to fuel the dramatics of this TV show that continues to grab America's attention.