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Video of Texas A&M fans mocking Appalachian State the night before the game keeps mysteriously disappearing

September 12, 2022

You'd think, by now, big-time schools that schedule Appalachian State would learn that they are not a program to be taken lightly. You'd think.

You'd think that Texas A&M fans, who worship the ground Jimbo Fisher walks on, would have listened to their head coach when he implored everyone that this was not a program to be taken lightly. You'd think.

Despite all that, Texas A&M fans decided they'd poke the bear anyway. During their famous (infamous?) "Midnight Yell" tradition, in which fans show up to Kyle Field the night before every home game to practice their chants like absolute nerds, the man on the mic thought it would be a laugh riot to make fun of Appalachian State - their name, where the school is located, their ability to read, etc. You can hear it all yourself in this cringeworthy video clip ... we think:

Now, the above clip (if it's still there) has been scrubbed from social media multiple times already, and we're sure whoever is doing the scrubbing is working overtime to make sure this one is scrubbed next. In case this one does "disappear" again, here's part of what was said by this kid who must have been born after 2007:

"I had to Google this team to make sure they were even real. I was really confused because Appalachia is not even a state. Sure enough, I found them, and they're located deep... and I mean, DEEP in the backwoods, just like you would think any hillbilly college that names themselves the Mountaineers. I just hope that these guys can get here tomorrow alright, because I know for a fact that half of their football team can barely even read the name on their jerseys, let alone read a map." 

Holey, moley, that's cringe-tastic. For those keeping score, the 19-point favorite Aggies lost the game outright, 17-14. YIKES. 

In the least surprising move ever, Aggies fans are flooding the replies of every tweet featuring this video claiming this is the same thing that happens at every "Midnight Yell," that we wouldn't understand the tradition. Even if that's true, you have to take off your TAMU cap for a second and listen to that clip back. It would have been just as painful to listen to had A&M won. The smart thing to do would be to cancel this tradition for good because now the watchful eye of the internet is going to dissect every single one going forward and the jokes are only going to get worse. Prayers up for the 12th man.