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Teasing the Tiger

April 11, 2007

__"Golf is the hardest game in the world. There is no way you can ever get it. Just when you think you do, the game jumps up and puts you in your place."

-- Ben Crenshaw, in the new Gigantic Book of Golf Quotations__

As Frank Hannigan, I think it was,  said: "Every shot makes someone happy." John Shipman in Jersey City gets a huge charge out of Tiger's Driving Distance story in May, on the heels of Tiger's struggles at Augusta (See holes 8, 9, 11, 17...) "__Is this a belated April Fool's joke? 'Tiger Tips For Driving Distance Plus How To Hit It Straighter Than Ever'? No thanks. If I want tips on driving the golf ball, I'd rather not get them from a guy who's tied for 160th in driving accuracy out of 186 on tour, even if he is Tiger Woods. (Total driving he's T113). Will Justin Leonard show us how to putt next month?"

__He must have heard Brent Carter chuckling down in Texas: __"After watching Tiger spray it all over Augusta National last week, imagine my excitement when I received his "lesson tee" article and  fold-out swing sequence on Monday!!  A suggestion for something else I  can skip in a future issue:  Butch Harmon's Diet Tip of the Month!!   It won't help me either. 'Tune in next month as Butch shows you how  to clear your left side as you mix a salad...'" __

That's cold, fellas. I hope you play like you write.  A couple of comments: 1. It wasn't Tiger's driving, in the end, that did him in. It was those putts on 14 and 16 and the irons on 15 and 17 on Sunday. Very un-Jack-like. 2. Butch Harmon is, indeed,  working on fitness program that he will write about in months to come. So there!  If Phil can do it, Butch can. Oh, and Justin Leonard says, Hi.