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Taylor Swift twirls a golf club on stage, Jessica Korda is there to see it

After Swift promptly responded telling Korda to come and that she "knew a guy" who could hook her up, the two met backstage. Korda posted this on Instagram:

But the golf influence in Swift's Tokyo show didn't stop there. Korda also caught the pop superstar twirling a golf club on stage.

Dude, that club twirl tho 👌🏿 > @taylorswift13 > — Jessica Korda (@Thejessicakorda) > May 6, 2015

This wasn't the first time we've seen Taylor with a golf club. She destroyed her boyfriend's car with an iron in her music video for "Blank Space," the same song that was playing when she brought a club out on stage.

The next logical step for the Queen of Pop? Golf lessons, obviously. Taylor, you live in New York. We work in New York. We can hook you up!