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Switzerland coach Christian Wohlwend outdid himself with this hilariously questionable quote

Last year at the World Juniors Switzerland head coach Christian Wohlwend took the hockey world by storm with his brutally honest assessment of his team's performance against Canada. It was a breath of fresh air for sports fans who hear the same coach speak over and over from their favorite club's skipper, not to mention Wohlwend's hilarious mannerisms and accent.

At this year's World Juniors, Wohlwend has been in similar form, and this time his squad has been incredibly impressive. After nearly upsetting Canada in the preliminary round, the Swiss made it all the way to the semifinals, where they lost to Finland on Friday, 6-1. Lucky for us, the Swiss still have a Bronze Medal game to play on Saturday, which meant Wohlwend would field questions from the media beforehand. That yielded one of the all-time great "wait, what did he just say?" quotes in recent history. Have a listen:

I ... I don't think that's what that word means. But hockey slang is different than any kind of sports slang there is, and I'd imagine it's even weirder in Switzerland. I guess will find out what it really means when the Swiss play Russia on Saturday afternoon at Rogers Area in Vancouver. Actually, I hope we don't find out.