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Swing thoughts: Look to your golf club to remind you

August 22, 2012

It is an article of faith in golf that a single swing thought is better than two or more swing thoughts, given the inability of the mind to process more than one in the split second in which the swing is started.

"Have one swing thought and make it a simple one," Kevin Hinton, Director of Instruction at Piping Rock Club in Locust Valley, N.Y., told Golf Digest's Roger Schiffman.

"Whatever I'm working on, I like to keep one swing thought in my head when I'm on the course," Adam Scott said in this Golf Digest instruction story.

Hence, a new enterprise that sells vinyl stickers containing swing thoughts that affix to the top of a driver or fairway wood. is the brainchild of Bryon K. Smith, an avid golfer and marketing professional who came up with the idea when TaylorMade Golf introduced its first white driver.

"When they came out with white clubs, to me as a marketer, it looked like a giant billboard," Smith said. "I thought, 'what could we put on there?' That was the genesis of it. I worked with my teacher to come up with swing thoughts."

Smith has broken up the swing thoughts into three categories -- those attempting to break 100, 90 or 80. The stickers come with either black lettering for a white clubhead or white lettering for a dark clubhead.

The cost is $7.99 and includes three stickers. They are available at the website,, which also features video instruction to accompany the swing thoughts.