Swing Sequence: Adam Scott

March 2004

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Adam Scott
Golf Instruction / Swing Sequence

Age: 23
Height: 6-feet
Weight: 170
Driver: Titleist 983K, 8.5 degrees loft
Clubhead speed: 121 mph
Ball speed: 170 mph
Launch angle: 12 degrees
2003 Driving distance: 299.2 yards

Before I started working with Butch Harmon during my freshman year at UNLV in 1999, my father had been my only coach. He set me up with great fundamentals. When I was playing junior golf in Australia, everybody was trying to swing like Tiger Woods, and I was no different. When I got to Las Vegas, Butch knew just where to start with me.

I've been working on the same elements in my swing since I was a college player. My goal is to keep my swing as short and as wide as possible. My rhythm is much better when I can do that consistently. My big problem is that I hang back a little bit at impact. Butch is helping me get fully onto my left side so I can stay on top of the ball. When I do it right, I'm much more accurate with the driver.

Whatever I'm working on, I like to keep one swing thought in my head when I'm on the course. Keeping it simple helped me at the Deutsche Bank Championship in Boston last year. Thinking only about getting to my left side, I shot 62 Friday and won my first PGA Tour event.

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